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Diabetes and foot pain?
Talk to Dr. Ferragamo about the new breakthrough procedure that can restore sensation and end foot pain for diabetics and others suffering from shooting or burning pains or altered sensation of the toes or feet. Dr. Ferragamo’s staff has been extensively trained in the area of non-invasive and non-painful sensory nerve testing.
Services Provided

A problem with your foot or ankle can really change your life. Davis Podiatry Center offers specialized medical and surgical care for a wide variety of foot and ankle disorders, illness and injury—From corns and calluses to pain in the foot, ankle or diabetic foot care. Dr. Ferragamo works individually with the patient, understanding their needs and concerns and prescribing the right treatment for those individual needs.

Services and Treatments we offer
• In-Office and Hospital-based surgery
• Comprehensive Foot Exams
• In-Office Diagnostic & Prompt Treament (if necessary)
• Custom Arch Support
• Neurosensory Testing
• Medical treatment for plantar fasciitis
Anodyne Therapy (Anodyne Neuropathy Care Center)
• Evaluation and treatment of heel pain and spurs
• Fitting of orthotics for foot conditions
• Bunion medical treatment and surgery
• Ingrown toenail relief and treatment of fungal nails
• Evaluation and treatment of diabetic foot conditions
• Advanced wound care technology
• LASER treatment of warts on the foot
• Treatment of foot and ankle injuries

Fully equipped new facility with state-of-the-art technology
The Davis Podiatry Center provides patients with leading edge treatments and procedures.
• Laser equipment
• Fluoroscan Motion equipment
• X-Ray equipment


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