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The HyProCure™ Sinus Tarsi Implant is a product of GraMedica™. GraMedica™ was founded in 2003 to provide foot and ankle surgeons with innovate products to help eliminate foot and ankle problems. The foot is the most used and abused part of the body and Dr. Michael E. Graham, podiatrist, wanted to form a company that was exclusively limited to the foot and ankle solutions.

This HyProCure™ Sinus Tarsi Implant stent is creating a revolution in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. This “internal” orthotic realigns not only the bones of the foot but can also help to restore the alignment to the rest of the body. The stent lasts forever, is completely reversible, and can be performed on anyone older than three with a flexible deformity.

Tracy Ferragamo, D.P.M., is currently the only surgeon in northern California trained and certified to perform this new implant procedure. Dr. Ferragamo has completed the Master Surgeon's Seminar in Subtalar Arthroereisis which is necessary for the procedure.



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